Special Sensors and Modules

National Engineering Research Center

for Transducer (China)


National Engineering Research Center for Transducer is a sole national research institute for the engineeringCoriented and manufacture testing of sensing technology in China, wich is authorized by China Planning Commission in 1995. We are proffesional in MEMS technology, basic workmanship technique and engineering-oriented research for Silicon microchip and transducers and transmitters of silicon pressure,hot and magnetosensive. It was checked and accepted by nation and did business in 2002.
National Engineering Research Center for Transducer has technology team with various kinds and subjects. It has many special advanced production lines for transducers and transmitters of Si-forcesensitive, photosensitive,thick film thermosensitive,thin-film magnetosensitive and their relevant instruments. The centre also independently built up a CAD centre and a reliability testing centre for sensors, and it processes standard production field and laboratory with over 200 sets workmanship equipments and instruments. The centre also processes such technology and abilities as rapid research & manufacturing in design,manufacturing, bonding test ,the mass production also can be achieved from sensitive dies to transducers and their relevant instrument.
National Engineering Research Center for Transducer passed many quality system confirmation including GJB9001A-2001. The centre austerely abide by the quality policy of innovating products by Science& Technology, guaranteeing quality by Strict Adiministration, reducing cost by Elaborated Accounting, reassuring customers by Superior Service. We carry out the development tenet of Optimization in technology, Maximized in profits, Sweeping in production, No faulty in quality. We would like to do open and various cooperation with national and foreign fellowmen by flexible and mutual benefits styles. Let¨s promote the development of sensors industry together.

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